CRM for Further Education
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CRM for Further Education – CRM4FE

CRM for Further Education Colleges provides a modern solution to an age old problem in the FE Sector; Which local employers are we already working with or have we worked with and what is the state of play with any learners or other forms of engagement.

This information is typically held in a number of systems which if you believe everything you are told may cause you to think it would be complex to pull the data into a central simply to use solution.

Enter WiredContact. CRM for Further Education ensures your team have quick relevant and reliable access to learner and employer data enabling you to deliver services to a higher standard in a shorter time. CRM for FE Colleges will deliver more learner hours using fewer resources. Our CRM for Further Education solution for Colleges leverage existing data at minimal cost and integrate with other leading systems such as EBS.

Employer Engagement 
Being able to import every local business and then engage with them via a self service portal is always going to make life a little easier. Without entering their details again you can assign learners to the employer even though they already exist in other systems elsewhere in the College and then pull in the related course data. Financial data can be included if required and access to any aspect can be tightly controlled based upon the users Job description, department, DBS status and a lot more.

Traditional sales and marketing
Our background ensures you have the latest tools to engage with your target audience using email, social media SMS messaging and more.

WiredContact runs on standard Microsoft SQL and can be hosted within your IT infrastructure* or we can host it for you and still integrate as needed. The benefit of us Hosting is of course that we will be more responsive toward issues with the application than your MIS team who have a great many applications to look after. We also bring experience of the sector and best practice gleaned from working with other FE Colleges and training providers in the sector for many years.