SSAIB or NACOSS - Easily Manage Systems and Engineers - WiredContact
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SSAIB or NACOSS – Easily Manage Systems and Engineers

Engineers and field sales can work from home, they need to know the jobs scheduled for the day in good time; on arrival they need to know specifics about the job such as number and type of detectors, sounders, contacts, control panel type and any related site details. WiredContact will email the engineer every morning to let them know which appointments they have without them even entering the system. Our system works on most if not all mobile devices as well as PC and MAC.


Have the layouts you need to support the way your team work.

Track leads, service requests, scheduled servicing, and share the load between engineers with ease.

No limit to the number of records within the system.

Dynamic Layouts can change depending on the type of Client to include additional fields and functions.

Have reports that are automatically emailed to engineers setting out the work schedule for the next few days or weeks. Engineers can ( if you wish ) edit and update certain aspects of the job using their mobile device.

Task Lists sorted by any column, even add your own columns

Alarm Jobs at a glance

Benefits of CRM for Engineer Management

Engineers will have a clear vision of the jobs they need without needing to return to base
Jobs will be assigned quicker and completed with less paperwork, Clients better informed, invoices out sooner
Supported by UK based CRM professionals with over 30 years experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Initial enquiry from website into database
  • Administration system for head office
  • Optional quote from database and release to Sage Accounts
  • Sage integration supports invoice address and delivery address
  • Schedule the installation to Engineers Mobile
  • Schedule maintenance, visits, parts etc
  • Works with Smart phones, Tablet an PCs
  • Works with Google Maps and Linked-in
  • Customers can attach site plans and scanned images

Service and Costs

  • No Compulsory service contract
  • Flexible licensing one key can serve many engineers
  • Set-up new engineer in two minutes
  • Remove an user in two seconds
  • Simple scheduling of visits and Tasks
  • Real-time updates between office & engineers
  • Controlled Web portal for Customer Access
  • Controlled Web portal for Engineer Access
  • Could integrate with various ARC systems


  • On the fly layout changes for commercial or residential clients to show required fields
  • SMS single or multiple – bi directional or one way
  • Multiple companies and branches run within same system
  • See at a glance all branches of the same client
  • See at a glance all contacts for the same client
  • See at a glance the cumulative company history for the same client
  • Integration with remote database systems
  • Simple data conversion from other SQL systems
  • Convert ACT! Goldmine etc.