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Beds24 CRM Solution

Beds24 is an online booking system suitable for most types of accommodation such as Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Motels, Hostels, Vacation Rentals, Villas, Holiday Homes, Campgrounds, and for Hotel Groups, Booking Agents and Marketing Associations.

Beds24 CRM Solutions

This CRM solution designed for Beds24 leverages the platform and enables wider use if the data so your team can better develop the relationship with your Guests so you can handle the clients expectations and exceed them, to ensure repeat Commission Free bookings.

The Beds24 CRM solution pulls in the Customer details from Beds24 creating a simple to use at a glance view of payments received and outstanding making it easier to handle onsite expenses and expectations.

Examples are shown below of various types alerts that can either be sent as emails or printed as reports.  Alerts and notifications can be triggered automatically or manually to ensure all parties are aware of the arrangements in a timely manner.

Direct Bookings
Your team can take direct bookings safe in the knowledge that Beds24 will receive that data and mark the facilities as unavailable to the OTA sector in real-time.

Online Bookings
Are pulled into the Beds24 CRM system to prevent overbookings. For larger sales teams Alerts can be automatically sent to key staff to ensure everyone is aware of recent activities.

Who Uses Beds 24 CRM Solution
Managing Vacations Rentals
Managing Time Share Sales

Sales Teams
Upsell and Cross Sell

Features & Benefits

  • Selective Automation of emails and reports
  • Payment tracking and reporting
  • Alerts to involved parties by email
  • Flexible and detailed reporting
  • Bespoke alterations as needed
  • Hierarchical access levels for staff

Optional Extras
SMS Marketing
QuickBooks Integration
Campaign Management