Benefits of CRM
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Benefits of CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of CRM
Decision making needs to be based on facts easily supported by evidence that will deliver improvements across all business areas.
Improved time management as users are prompted to follow up on activities and Clients are gently reminded of actions that are missed or outstanding.
Improved lead generation from marketing activities by understanding who your ideal clients really are with highly targeted customer segmentation.
Pipeline reports can then be relied upon with high levels of team support and focus on well defined objectives.

Another of the many benefits of CRM is the real value of relationships are better understood and supported by everyone.

Benefits of CRM For Sales
The many benefits of CRM include sales administration often absorbs too much time. This might involve manual forecasts, quotes that take ages to prepare and ages to deliver with a great deal of duplicated effort complete the orders.
With accurate profiling of your contacts your marketing budget will achieve better returns on a lower budget.
Increased sales as a result of better engagement with higher levels of repeat sales and referrals.
Shorter time scales from first enquiry to closing the sale once you remove wasted time and manage to stay in touch to a higher standard.
Vastly improved lead nurturing messages with timely appropriate automated follow ups.
Clear view of your pipeline using bespoke dashboards.

Benefits of CRM For Service
Increased client retention.
Customers will often stay if they feel appreciated, WiredContact will keep your brand in front of the Customers at the times when the Customer could reasonably be thinking about renewal and at times that are important to the Customer such as in advance of Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Increased referrals
When customers feel appreciated they will tell two or three people, when they feel ignored they will tell ten. We have the tools to ensure you have what appears to be close and personal if not friendly and professional engagement at all times and stages in the client life cycle.

Single point of view
Often data is in disparate systems which prevents anyone from seeing the full picture resulting in poor service delivery. WiredContact pulls data into view on a need to know basis to ensure the details are available where needed.

Service requests can now comes directly from clients directly into the CRM system. Engagement from any client is a service opportunity. Instantly gratification for the client is essential to customer care. Your service team once aware can follow up. At each stage the Clients are kept informed.

Benefits of CRM For Business
Happier staff, who have control over the systems they use will always be more productive and responsive to the needs of the Client.

Higher levels of inbound calls from satisfied Clients should be an objective for many businesses. Too often these key performance indicators are unavailable. Most companies don’t have the tools to drive the activity levels. Consequently most businesses are in control of results which is too little too late. Measure the result so some problems are being swept under the carpet and high achievers aren’t consistently recognised.

When you recognise the benefits of CRM the next step is to put in place the plans to ensure it succeeds.- The most important people to convince are going to be your team. Your plan needs to be paid for. Do not overlook the need for training and ongoing development, once it’s in place. A few small adjustments early on will help steer the CRM system in the right direction.

Remember to monitor satisfaction levels at all times. Not only Customers but also your staff. Can they achieve their objectives each day? Responding to their needs will drive forward the success of deliver the benefits of CRM to your company.

A point to remember – Successful CRM deployment relies on Users – Users – Users – Users – Users
Did we mention Users ? Organisations can put large amounts of time, resource and capital into Customer Relationship Management systems.  Expectations of increased sales, better customer service and improved operating efficiency need to be realistic.

Without user adoption you will waste some time and probably money. Listen to what they want and then identify what they need. Our documentation helps you put together a plan to increase the chances of a successful CRM deployment.

With almost 30 years of being in the CRM sector we have the experience in successful CRM deployment; help you get to where you need quickly mindful of your objectives and budgetary constraints.
To discuss your requirements in more detail please call 020 8099 3032 or contact us via this form.