BPM Online CRM | Cloud Hosted CRM System | Business Process Management
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BPM Online CRM

BPM Online CRM

BPM Online CRM – Business Process Management with Online CRM prevents “islands of data” and confusion about the status quo at any given time. The reality is it’s common sense, and an old idea with a new title.

Nothing new in this industry, we remember being told about Cloud Computing being the latest business must have about 5 years after we first started offering it to our Clients, now it’s all about the benefits of BPM.

When your Company has one primary solution to track the complete customer journey this is likely going to referred to as a BPM system. BPM offers many advantages to SME and larger companies.

One record is created and viewed by staff “in context”. It is pointless a new enquiry being visible to the customer service team until an order has been placed. By addressing and understanding the unique Business Process Management issues and streamlining the workflow you will

BPM is for Marketing
Capturing leads from your website, driving enquiries with press engagement, media management and direct email as well as SMS marketing and getting newsletters and press releases out in good time without any fuss. Re-Marketing is also easier to achieve with regard to existing customers once you are in a position to understand their profile, buying cycle and other opportunities to supply to them.

BPM is for Sales
It’s one thing to receive an enquiry but are you closing the orders? A good BPM Online CRM system will keep your leads in front of you as you need to see them, as well as keeping your brand in front of potential buyers. Automated engagement that’s appropriate for the position in the sales cycle will ensure all parties are kept informed by the preferred method. Consistency in the stages of the sales cycle will ensure you can adapt the stages as needed to improve the outcomes.

BPM is for Customer Service
It’s nice to be thanked, it’s good when people we buy from remember the anniversary of our purchase and it’s lovely when companies treat us with respect by remembering the things that are important to us. We all understand the importance of BPM in Customer Service but perhaps the existing systems fail to support your good intent. Another excellent reason for investing in BPM Online CRM is the levels of engagement you can offer your customers is unparalleled and could include self service portals, IVR (telephone touch tone), SMS and integrations with a wide range of other applications.

WiredContact is an industrial strength BPM CRM solution developed with more than 20 years real World experience of successful deployment for some of the World’s most demanding brands.

Before showing you any product demonstration it would help to know what you need from your BPM Online CRM system. Please contact our UK office for an informal chat.

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