Business Administration Software - WiredContact
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Business Administration Software

Collating business data
Pulling together data from multiple systems to give you a snap shot of marketing, orders, deliveries and service issues. WiredContact collates data from a variety of systems to give your staff a single place to look for the answers to questions each person or department encounters.

Sales and Marketing
Staying in touch with customers, prospects and suppliers and keeping your message in front of potential buyers is important. These early engagements are vital but need not clutter up the system for those dealing with existing Clients. Effective segmentation ensures appropriate visibility. WiredContact comes with a suite of simple to use and tools as well as business administration software to ensure high standards of engagement are maintained.

Service and Support
Customer Service after the purchase is an essential element in a client life-cycle often overlooked or simply not possible with older systems. WiredContact ensures your Clients are fully engaged at appropriate times. WiredContact makes it simple to deliver news and branded messages using the optional “Campaign Manager” or Constant Contact.

Tracking and Anticipation
Your Clients will have events that should be followed up or anticipated, ISO 9002 and other standards are easily supported with WiredContact, issues that need to be dealt with once identified are simple to track.

Future proof
WiredContact business admin software supports a number of database systems, SQL is a popular choice, WiredContact is simple to update at a very low cost, updates are also non invasive. Your own in house team can support and deploy new features with ease and deploy separate ways of working for each department or team within your Company. Remote workers can engage fully using a wide range of devices to connect and carry out their tasks.