CRM for Construction and Facilities Management online
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CRM for Construction and Facilities Management

CRM for Construction and Facilities Management is about managing people and projects as well as customers and contractors.

Multiple sites across a wide geographic area will require good management of people as much as materials to ensure margins are preserved and all parties know what is expected of them. Each stage of each project needs to be well managed so that invoices can go out. Key dates can be made visible automatically to all parties so the entire workforce understand the need to urgency and accuracy not just the select few.

Whilst this sounds simple to those with experience such as draftsperson or clerk of works it can also be a dark craft shrouded in mystery which leads to confusion and projects running behind schedule or invoices not being sent at the earliest opportunity.

Daily tasks can be automatically sent out to by email to ensure there can be no misunderstanding, dashboards can be provided to show the stage of each and every job at a glance.

When you contact a supplier or member of staff you can see at a glance how many other projects they are associated with and the stage of that project, apply these efficiencies across your team and it’s easy to see that nothing is going to slip through to cause a problem later on. Almost any CRM for construction system could work IF YOU CAN ADAPT IT to how your team work. It is pointless trying to make a silk purse from a pigs ear.

Self Service
If you have a more customer focussed role then the self service Portal could be of value, one example could be where tenants raise jobs for staff to assign to engineers with predetermined rules and automated reporting back to the Landlord so they know which jobs are open, closed or outside of the SLA agreement.

Mobile Device Access
Staff can now pick up their next job without needing to call the office and drawings can be accessed on site without the need to wasted journeys or costly print runs.

Marketing updates and newsletters
Each time a tender is available it would be great if you were always invited to engage, the reality is that unless you have a means to constantly keep your brand in front of the buyers sometimes your firm will be forgotten. Putting together short periodic reminders such as a well presented newsletter is simple with our tools, then you can track who opened each email and which article they clicked on (show interest in). Having the right tools makes it simple to retain mindshare where it’s needed.

Deployment of your CRM solution
Perhaps the best analogy would be that your Clients come to you because they need your skills and experience and if they tried to do your job it would end up being costly. Of course they understand their requirements and objectives but perhaps lack the resources to properly deploy it. Either they put together a plan or they have one put together which they approve. Once the plan is in place it’s broken down to stages and all parties stick to the plan within that stage. Alterations are possible but don’t be led by whims and flights of fancy. We will help create and deploy your plan with you. It is for you to manage your staff to ensure they understand the plan.

We have the experience to have your system up and running adapted to your needs in a short time frame. Call us for an online demo, your team can attend from almost any internet connected device.