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CRM for Small Business

CRM for small business is probably one of the most important considerations in driving forward the growth of the company.

Once the need for a small business CRM system has been identified it’s worth considering what CRM system you actually need. In most cases the cost of investing in servers and software licensing is prohibitive, which is why Hosted CRM is so popular.

Just because it’s a hosted CRM system it does not mean it cannot also be a bespoke CRM designed to uniquely support the way your small business needs to function.

Unlike the large brand names WiredContact hosted CRM is designed with the budget of a small business in mind. You pay only for what you need and expand at a pace that works for you. Because we don’t answer to shareholders we are able to supply a lean solution with the features you need.

Give thought to the cost of delivering your product or service
It’s pointless bringing in 200 orders if you cannot process the orders efficiently. Regardless of your industry there are only so many hours in the day, taking two hours to process each order is going to impact your bottom line.

Automate where possible. Thank you for your order; we are about to despatch your goods and how did we do? these can all be automated. You can even automatically schedule a phone call for you to call the person to actually thank them for the order. Automation is not about delegating responsibility but it is about efficiency.

If you have never successfully deployed a CRM for small business then it’s a fair point to say you are entering uncharted territory. Been there, seen that may not readily come to mind. At WiredContact we have a teams in the UK and USA who have individually more than 30 years of CRM experience. Our expertise will safe you a lot of time, not only will you have a cost saving at the start but your system will be up and running a lot faster so you are into making a profit a lot sooner.

The benefits of CRM to a small business
Once your workflow is understood and the system adapted to support you so you are able to go onto the next project. Just like the early MacDonald’s built on the principle of duplication and easy to replicate procedures once you have mastered the basics so you can introduce new products and services to your offering knowing you can support them.

Small Business CRM is not just for a small business
Within every organisation there are many small teams, with a Bespoke CRM solution each of those teams can work from the same CRM software.