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CRM Systems UK

Many suppliers of CRM systems in the UK, claim to be based in the UK however the calls are often answered in Manilla or India in a language other than English. this alone is not a good reason to decline their CRM system.

Some people will rightly make a decision based on supplier location and when it’s critical to your business then having a UK based CRM supplier is probably a good idea. They broadly fall into a few simple categories.

UK Based CRM suppliers and overseas suppliers of CRM systems that may or may not offer CRM support in English in our time zone.

When considering investing in CRM systems it would be wise to have a checklist of features you want from the CRM system and the functions they need to support before being concerned about the CRM support that may or may not be available and whether the CRM system is supported in the UK or overseas.

If you are reading this article is is likely that you have outgrown a boxed solution or an “off the shelf” solution or frustrated by a company who answer to shareholders before they answer to you.

WiredContact would be an excellent choice when searching for CRM Systems UK because we are based just south of London and offer both hosted and self hosted bespoke CRM systems to UK and European businesses.

We have been offering bespoke CRM systems that are cloud based since 1996 so have seen most industries and have a broad experience of integration with Educational systems such as EBS, Sage Accounts, Oracle and AS400 and of course many SQL and MS Access systems.

One size does not fit everyone and you deserve a bespoke CRM system UK based supplier.