Automate routine tasks such as reminders, newsletters, and chase up emails.

This simple to use database will capture leads from your website, notify you of changes and then report to you on the status of the record or project.

WiredContact works on PCs, MACs, IPads, IPhones and many other mobile devices.

Here are a few of the many features your business could benefit from.

  • Automated reports on activities and the status of your pipeline and live jobs
  • Automatically send emails out for renewals, maintenance, dormant accounts
  • Automatically send follow up emails to remind your clients that you are here
  • Ability to track email marketing opens and clicks
  • Integrates with many existing databases including accounts systems
  • Build details quotes quickly which become the sales pipeline
  • Enforce workflow to ensure users are compliant in how they use the system
  • Works with Microsoft Visual Studio if needed

Most of our customers also adapt the system to departmental specific needs which is also easy to do.

Call today and take a look. There is no pressure to buy and we are happy to answer any questions.

Suitable for - Local Government - Engineering – Sales & marketing – Franchises – Accountants – Education – Travel - Manufacturing and more

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