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Event Management Solutions

Event Management Solutions

With any event there will be a process a series of steps that need to be followed. Automating some key stages will generate increased efficiencies and ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

At each stage of a customer’s engagement there will be opportunities to trigger an event such as sending information, requesting an update as a due date approaches. Your business process may be unique however the procedure of identifying key stages being reached or dates past or pending or a mix of criteria will give rise to opportunities to streamline your workflow.

The scenarios below can be applied to any company with processes that can be initiated once an event has happened or is due to happen.

EventA Hotel or Event venue
Once we know the type of event that is being booked in this case it’s a Wedding and we have a date then we can start off a series of emails, letters or events.

1. An initial letter can be printed to Congratulate the couple and to point them to the online terms and conditions.

2. A drip campaign of tips and tricks for the perfect celebration that upsell additional services.

3. As interim payments become due so the couple can be reminded of the dates well in advance.

4. After the event a follow up email always nice a month afterwards to Congratulate the newly weds and to thank them for the business.

5. On the anniversary or perhaps two months before a nice email offering them a meal and a deal would work well.

6. Assuming you captured the emails of each Guest who attended the celebration there is a ready made list of warm prospects who would be easy to invite back to the venue.

The system will stop sending out if the person unsubscribes and if other conditions are met then alternative emails can be sent.

Best men or bridesmaids were easily identified at the time, so they receive separate emails to congratulate them on the roles they so gracefully fulfilled.

Create customer-centric email sequences following a specific action

Exhibition and Event Management CRM system
Before the event there are hundreds of exhibitors to engage with, details that have to be checked in order to comply with the venue terms and conditions or the exhibition organisers terms.

Your Automated Emails could go to all exhibitors with a link to your CRM portal. The email would contain their username and password – once logged in they complete everything you need.

As they complete the details in the portal so your CRM system reflects the updates in real-time.

If needed you can automatically send a receipt as the data is entered or leave it until the next morning when a single email is sent.

profileIf you leave the confirmations until the next day your CRM system need only send one summary email to each exhibitor to set out where they are with regard to “permission to build”.

Exhibitors are constantly kept up to date and automated summary reports sorted by approval status can be emailed to your staff and the instructing party on schedules you have agreed.

It’s up to you how your system works and what fields you have and how the system works. At the end of the day it’s pointless paying someone to make calls and chase exhibitors when it can be automated.

In summary every Client is unique, you all need something different, this is where a bespoke CRM system can do the work of additional staff without the additional cost.

We look forward to discussing your needs please call +44 208 099 3032