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Funeral Administration

This solution efficiently administers the entire process with Dignity.

The solution was developed under the guidance of a Diocese at a senior level and enables fewer administrators to handle larger volumes of Funerals in a compliant and respectful manner with hi degrees of accuracy.

The system identifies all relationships to the deceased relevant to the Funeral including next of kin, Funeral Director, burial plot, Verger, Minister, stone mason and inscriptions.

This solution tracks all payments between parties where required and provides detailed reports.

Data entry can start at Parish level of higher, access to the entry can be shared mindful of GDPR and other sensitivities as needed.

Examples are shown below of various types alerts that can either be sent as emails or printed as reports.  Alerts and notifications can be triggered automatically or manually to ensure all parties are aware of the arrangements in a timely manner.

Verger Confirmation
Deceased Details
Full Name
Known as
DOD Age at Death

First Funeral Stage
Church service then immediate burial in church graveyard
Church Building
Service time
Committal location
Committal time

Funeral Director
Funeral Director admin contact

Other features

  • Selective Automation of emails and reports
  • Payment tracking and reporting
  • Alerts to involved parties by email
  • Flexible and detailed reporting
  • Bespoke alterations as needed
  • Hierarchical access levels for staff

Key reminders
X Days after the event
X Days before the event
Alerts to involved parties at key times