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Hosted CRM

Talk to us about our hosted CRM solutions

Are you looking to find a better way to interact with your customers? Perhaps your business is somewhat unique and you need to find a more bespoke hosted CRM solution?

Why choose WiredContact Ltd?

We appreciate that we’re not the only choice you have when it comes to hosted CRM, however let us show you what we can give you:

Genuine support– we are passionate about providing support that you simply don’t get with other companies. Forget talking to a robot over a chat system, and instead get the help of a real team that actually cares.

Consistency – Never having employed temporary coders we know our code and the history behind the code, so we never need to make excuses.

Experience – Our team are all experienced, dedicated and proactive in offering genuine solutions and support. Some of our team have been in the CRM world for 30 years and we are always invested in each of our clients and their needs.

If you think we could help your business with our hosted CRM, we’d like to know more. Give us a call on 0208 099 3032 or fill out the contact form and we’ll get in touch.