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Hosted CRM

Hosted CRM

Hosted CRM Solutions are often mistaken for an application where one size fits all and if you go down this route you will have little control and your costs, features and functions and you have to take what the vendor wants to offer.

Nothing could be farther from the truth; the reality with Hosted CRM systems is that your provider needs to stay on their toes to ensure your system continues to deliver value. It’s as though you are constantly on a first date.

Many Hosted CRM solutions are going to work for the vast majority of clients who sell simple services and have simple needs. This sector is often well served by free CRM systems which usually don’t come with free support although you can speak with “bob the builder” in their forums if needed.

It’s when your needs are non-standard that things get interesting, of course the free systems are a thing of the past as you grow and the brand names can have difficulty keeping up with your needs without significantly increasing your costs.

If you go with a brand name then of course they have to have one eye on the shareholders and the other on your needs. To address the dichotomy they often spend a fortune on making the application look pretty long before they address features and functions. Like fast food it may not always be tasty or nutritious even but it’s fast and it often looks pretty. That nice guy who comes to your office every day for a month is going to cost you in the end.

Smaller suppliers will have a few advantages over the brand names. In the case of WiredContact we feel we offer many advantages over brand names, here are a few.

Consistency – Never having employed temporary coders we know our code and the history behind the code so we never have to make excuses.
Experience – All of our team are veterans with the newby having more than 12 years of writing reliable quality code under his belt and another 15 years of senior management experience. Some of the team have been in the CRM space for 30 years and started with CPM and later with DOS. DOS never used to stand for Denial of Service attack.
Reliability – We all own the company so we will be here next year and the year after, in fact it’s part of our lives and yes …..
Passioned about support and fanatical about having satisfied Clients.

Other Hosted CRM systems come and go but very few enjoy the real life features and flexibility enjoyed by our Clients.

Most of the hosted CRM providers in the UK we know of still like to come to site for weeks on end, all of this has to be paid for by someone. We are happy to see you of course but let’s keep the costs under control so we can get your system up and running as soon as possible.

Experience has told us time after time that unless the business understand the processes and what is possible they are unable to make informed decisions about what they really want from a Cloud hosted CRM solution. To ensure a project heads in the right direction from the outset we have a project plan and help you start considering the options from the outset with the often copied blueprint for how to project manage a bespoke CRM deployment

Many of the CRM systems will insist you need every social media platform fully interactive so you can see at a glance what the prospective Client had for Breakfast, where they went on holiday and the name of their dogs, kids and mother in law !

The reality is that unless you are a private detective this is way over the top, perhaps linkedin is going to help you work out if the person you want to sell to qualifies for your product or service but do you really need to have multiple social media profiles and to have this many interruptions in your day?

My TV package has about 300 channels and yet I probably only ever use 5, the ones I want fit my needs perfectly, if I had time to spare I doubt I would even find a use for the other 295 channels. Chances are your business needs are really well tuned as well.

We thrive on applying our skills to help you get exactly what you need where and when you want it.