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Producing Quotations from WiredContact

Producing Quotations from WiredContact

Hosted CRM Quotation tools can reduce the time taken for a client to say yes, don’t wait until you reach the office to prepare a quote.  Simply log in from anywhere on almost any device and create your contact and then create a stunning looking simple to read quotation that gets results.

Creating and tracking quotes can be the lifeblood of a strong business, especially when they form the basis of your Sales Pipeline. WiredContact helps you create simple or complex Quotations and then track them as they proceed to close

This enhancement can replace the traditional Sales Opportunities within WiredContact with a comprehensive quotation solution.

By keeping the Hosted CRM Quotation in the Quotes “Table” we are able to run advanced reports on the Quotation and even pull the data into dashboards to keep the sales managers happy. Individual sales people can be restricted to only see their own quotes or they can be allowed to see but not edit the quotes from other branches and sales teams.

Events can be triggered so many days after a Quote is created or so many days before a quote is due to expire with notifications being sent to the Client, sales person and sales manager if needed.

If you want to have a look at this feature please contact your usual WiredContact partner of give us a call on the number below. See more about the solution here

For more information on generations quotations from your hosted CRM solution then please contact us on 020 8099 3032