Self Service CRM Portal
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Self Service CRM Portal

A Self Service CRM Portal will enable your Clients to access vital data when it they want. Self service systems can lower your staff costs and increase client satisfaction levels.

You retain full control and yet people can engage with your company on their terms.

Ideal for a wide range of applications including.

  • Housing association tenants to register the need for a repair or to see how a repair is progressing
  • Field engineers to pick up their next job
  • Customers awaiting deliveries can find out where the vehicle is or rearrange a delivery time
  • Customers needing serial numbers or documents
  • Your self service CRM portal could be linked with an IVR system to enable clients to select options using a telephone and DTMF tones.

You get to publish the data you want in a design of your choice with features you control. For more details about Self Service CRM Portals or to see one in action please contact your usual WiredContact partner of call us on 020 8099 3032

About WiredContact
We have been in the CRM space since 1996 with extensive experience of Hosted CRM and Self hosted CRM. Our Clients range from small SME companies and one man bands, to multi-National companies using more than one language in the CRM system and high levels of automation and extensive integration with other essential systems.