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Enabling people to work from home has never been more important and will probably be the way forward for many businesses in the future.

Share all business critical software securely to anyone anywhere in the world

Any application from your server or our servers can be deployed within a browser so your team can work from anywhere using any device. Fast, secure and cost effective.

VOIP Phone Systems

  • Your team could also be using our low cost VOIP phones systems
  • Desktop phones, computer software, or mobile phone app all available
  • Save money and time and don’t be tied to the office again

Simple to setup

  • Your team could be active the same day you register
  • Simple and powerful user and group permissions, restrict users to only see and access what they need
  • No data stored on the users computer, everything they do is securely stored on the server

Home working simplified

We provide all the resources you need to schedule work loads and to collaborate in a stress free environment.

Any existing customer data can be brought into the environment to ensure you can deliver your service in a compliant manner.

Keeping your brand looking this good has never been so simple.