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Bespoke CRM solutions

Bespoke CRM solutions

A bespoke CRM is simple to achieve once you understand the essential elements and how your records will relate to each other.

Some Clients will want one Company record with many Contact records related to the “parent record” whilst others will want to retain a complete record for each contact who may in time work for many companies so the history should remain with the contact record. Either way we have experience and can suggest options to ensure your bespoke CRM operates as you need it.

Just because you feel you need a bespoke CRM system, it should not be confused with needing to reinvent the wheel. Your business procedures will not be uncommon and many aspects will be standard to your sector.

We started in the CRM sector in 1996 and to overcome the issues of supporting local PC specific issues we started offering bespoke CRM in a browser.

We provide the essential elements such as tables for your contacts, notes, histories and sales opportunities, and we provide the mechanism to easily create as many new tables as you want and to link them as you need.

Using WiredContact you can quickly deploy a fully bespoke CRM without the capital cost of starting to develop your own bespoke CRM solution from scratch at a fraction of the cost of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP.

We have experience in a wide range of sectors including banking, finance, sales and marketing and business administration so whilst your bespoke CRM may be different to an off the shelf system you can rest assured our engineers will be there to support you when needed.

Our flexible license options mean you can grant access as you need and to whom you need with confidence knowing you are only granting access to the records and the fields you need to share.

As with any bespoke CRM you can tailor the user experience by the role they need to fulfil or the type of record they are looking at. If sales need access to all fields up until the time the opportunity becomes a fee paying client this is easily achieved.

Call us today and share your requirements so that we can help you get you a bespoke CRM solution up and running with minimal cost and wasted time or effort.