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Digital Disruption in Property sales

Digital Disruption in Property sales

Digital Disruption to the way property sells in the UK increases every day.

Consumers have long since been trend setters, it’s not just the inconvenience of property hunting online, but also the fees associated with selling that are driving people to look elsewhere for ways to buy and sell property.

Image result for buying online using mobile deviceThe proliferation of mobile devices increasingly means buyers can do everything from home. The traditional routes to market are blurred.

CRM to a property property professional is absolutely essential if they are to stay ahead of the curve.

Generally speaking estate agents have ignored the opportunity to breathe new life into the dull in-store experience. Boring window displays, mountains of bleak paperwork and telephone tag all add to the being pushed back and forth over desks. To make matters worse, there is a lack of consistency in the service provided from branch to branch, which means that for a lot of prospective buyers and sellers, visiting a high street estate agent isn’t just a drag, it’s also a gamble.

Speaking with the head of sales for one very well know national brand name of the highest quality when asked “Do you have a CRM system” replied I don’t know what is that? He went on to say we use (mentioned name of a -property management system) !

The likes of Purplebricks, Teplio and many others are generally estate agents now working online. Little has changed as they require a fee agreement which in some cases can be settled at a later stage whilst accruing interest in the interim.

One new entrant has no estate agency experience but a sizeable portfolio developed over many years of not paying estate agency fees has launched by this estate agent in Rye see

The simplicity with which owners can list their own property is more like Ebay and far easier than having to take a day off work to show an agent around. Of course not all homes sell immediately so having a good relationship with a local independent estate agent is also a good option but perhaps not always the first option.

Digital Disruption to Estate Agents also extends to the legal profession where online conveyancing is also common practice with no sale no fee agreements becoming the norm. Read more about online conveyancing here.

Even PurpleBricks estimates that around 70% of its business takes place outside of normal working hours, which is a clue as to what the UK property market is looking for: convenience. (source)

A good CRM system brings data together at the time and place it is needed. WiredContact has the experience to deliver bespoke CRM solutions for any industry.