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Local Government CRM systems – Care in the Community

Care in the Community

Effective management and control over thousands of engagements with vulnerable adults to ensure local authority responsibilities are deployed effectively and in a highly controlled manner.

Staff are spread across a wide area and require access to sensitive data about the vulnerable person. The system addresses the concerns of staff on home visits and provides detailed reporting pro-actively to sponsor and dependent entities within the County Council.

Our Local Government CRM system ensures access is controlled on a need to know basis with internal IT support able to make alterations as needed.

Strategic work-flow ensures procedures followed whilst allowing flexibility where needed thus delivering essential services to a consistent branded standard.

  • Ensure key dates in care and engagement are never missed
  • Track clicks and reads on emails
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell and alternate care options
  • Automated self service for family and care givers
  • Works with Constant Contact
  • Appointment Management can be enhanced to reduce missed appointments
  • Automated follow up to ensure you monitor service delivery and quality metrics