CRM Systems UK based supported and hosted in the UK - WiredContact
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CRM Systems UK based supported and hosted in the UK

Cloud based CRM systems are no longer for the elite

You can be up and running without the capital outlay, your hosted CRM system can be deployed in a few hours without infrastructure costs.

Pay only a hosting fee and you receive all of the features within one low monthly payment.

Popular because WiredContact costs less than other solutions and due to the flexibility which allows departments and teams to adapt to their own working preferences.

Secure remote access using almost any device ensures you are always in reach of essential data without needing to contact the office.

Collate data from various data sources to avoid duplicated data entry and save time.

Examples can include showing the status of rent payments, past issues, planned maintenance and a lot more on a dashboard to empower your team to achieve more at a lower cost in an efficient manner.

  • Browser based
  • Automated reporting
  • Automated reminders by email
  • Self Service Portals
  • Audit trails
  • SMS Alerts
  • Work-flow
  • Automated follow ups based on critical data